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QuoDB | Biggest movie/serie quotes database, submitted by users from all around the world. All movie lines are time-based contextualized.. - Everyone loves a good one-liner. Arnold Schwarzenegger in particular has practi.y built a career around that famous 'I 'll be back ' moment..Can 't stay up-to-date on every breaking celeb news story? We also offer year 's end roundups of celebrity chatter, red carpet fashion, blockbuster movie and TV .Submit your favorite famous movie quotes and guess quotes from your favorite movies.Thanks to the thousands of movie quoters for making .

Some movie quotes become so well known they become cliches. Some are great quotes in their own right. This quiz is somewhere in between where a character's name in the quote identifies the movie they came from..Identify Transformers toys - action figures and accessories from G1 thru the present.How the cl.ic comedyand first-ever Sa.ay Night Life moviefound its way to the screen, including p.os from the set..Troll quotes are image macros that feature a quote from a popular movie or TV show and attribute the quote to a character in another popular movie or TV show. Often the background image will come from a third unrelated pop culture source..

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