Identify Motherboard Linux

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The motherboard make and model can be found on the Devices > DMI page. CPU-G - Linux alternative to the popular Windows application CPU-Z . Originally created by ftsamis , it has since been picked up by Atareao Team.In Linux, there are no such tools installed out of the box. While you can install some of them to get motherboard information, there is a single console command you can issue and get your motherboard model and other de.s instantly..Its often the case that you want to find the exact serial number or model or chipset of your motherboard. There is a wonderful commanded dmidecode which fetches the DMI data from your machine's BIOS..Other relevant options for motherboard info are sudo dmidecode -s system-version sudo dmidecode -s baseboard-version sudo dmidecode -s system-manufacturer sudo dmidecode -s baseboard-manufacturer Try sudo dmidecode -s for a full list of system DMI strings available..

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