Identify Mosler Safe

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How old is your Mosler safe? The company is long gone, but there is some information available which should help you narrow down which year your safe was manufactured. The information in this post is from this page:// *The information is not from the factory and . - Mosler safes come in a variety of sizes and uses. If you plan on installing or moving one, knowing its weight will allow you to determine if the elevator that you are going to . - I look forward to hearing from anyone who might be able to offer some beginningistance as to how I might start to try and identify numbers on a Mosler safe this old. I don 't know if putting any tension on the handle will help identify those notches/numbers - it just locks the dial if I put too much tension on .Tive in styling and design. It is the older styles dating back to years that most locksmiths have difficulty identifying. Since the largest builder of safes and vaults today is the. Mosler Safe Company, let us start here. An old Mosler safe can be identified easily by its rounded body corners. See. Figure 1 , square cornered..

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