Identify Moris Jacobs Taper

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Machine taper. Drill chucks mounted by Jacobs tapers onto arbors with Morse tapers for the spindle. Spindle nose on a lathe headstock. The small female taper is a Morse taper to take a lathe center or a tool such as a twist drill. The large male taper takes a lathe chuck, which is retained by the large nut. Morse Taper .Jump to Jacobs - Jacobs Tapers. Morse Brown Sharpe Jarno Top. Taper, Large End, Small End, Length, Taper/ Foot, Taper/ Inch, Angle From Center..Most often, a drill chuck arbor has a longer end that is either a straight shank or a male Morse Taper to fit into a drill press. The other, shorter end of the arbor is a .

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