Identify Mold In Petri Dish

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MoldReport Need A Mold Inspector? 650 742-8150. Need Mold Lab Services? 800 224-1527 . For Consumers. The Truth About Toxic Molds. Can I Use Home Mold Testing Kits?.The first and easiest is the settling plate method, which has you leave a prepared petri dish on a flat surface for an hour before sealing it up and letting the sample incubate for a minimum of two days..Test Capabilities. The Pro-Lab Mold Test Kit is one of the most complete mold detecting kits we used. Each test in the Pro-Lab kit requires you to prepare a petri dish by pouring a mold medium, or a growth hormone, into the dish..1. Clean lab tops with disinfectant or solution. 2. Obtain a petri dish of potato dextrose agar PDA . Label the bottom agar side of the plate.

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