Identify Model Numbers Ford Series 4000 Tractors

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Serial numbers on the 9N-2N and 8N tractors are located on the left side of the engine block, just below the head and behind the oil filter. The hundred series and "01" series tractor serial number location is on the flat area above and behind the starter. The first number is the model number..N-SERIES FORD TRACTOR SERIAL NUMBERS AND MODEL IDENTIFICATION. I have copies of several "official Ford" do.ents service bulletins and . - The numbers are relevant to Ford tractors manufactured between 1965 However, along with a number of other experts it fails to aknowledge that this series was identified as the serial number on his Ford 2000 registration .Numbers are as they appear closes to the engine to the outside. Example numbers in RED. Tractor Model No: C1023C Tractor Production Code: 2J29B.

Ford 545 serial number location discussion in the Ford forum at Yesterday's Tractors..Georgedish Tractor Parts. Tractor Implements, Parts, and Equipment. Ford, Dearborn, Funk, Ferguson. Tractor Novelties..I have a complete Fordson F Model not sure of the year numbers are worn off I believe it to be about a year on steel. It comes complete with 2 good fenders and 4 extra rear wheels2 wheels are on rubber..The Case VA Series Today. Due to the numbers of these tractors that were built, Case VAs are readily available. For someone just starting to collect or restore tractors this can be a great advantage: they are easy to find parts for!.

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