Identify Mississippi Fence Rows

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Ings, fences, and telephone poles. Kudzu damages structures keeping this plant from spreading in Mississippi. Note: Research has shown that "sterile" varieties sold in nurseries can still repro- duce and become invasive. WATER HYACINTH is common along fence rows, forest openings, and dis- turbed areas. However . - Fencerows provide crucial shelter, food and nesting areas for Missouri 's wildlife..John D. Madsen, Ph.D., Extension/Research Professor, Mississippi State University. Ryan M. Wersal, Research Mature Chinese privet along a fence row. Fig. 2. Flowers of Chinese privet. Rights of Miller, J. H. 2003. Nonnative invasive plants of southern forests: a field guide for identification and control. Gen. Tech. Rep..Weed management in fence rows and non-cropland is often as essential as it is within cropped areas. This is due to the weed 's ability to distribute and establish itself rapidly. Weeds are typi.y prolific seed producers; therefore, they should be controlled prior to seed production..

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