Identify Micaschist Cleavage

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The mica plates all lie with their cleavage planes parallel to each other and give to the rock a striking laminated or "schistose" structure. Next to It is therefore easy to understand that many mica-schists contain more or less of feldspar grains among those of quartz, which are difficult to detect without the aid of microscopic .De.ed description, properties, locality information guide about the mica mineral muscovite. Its presence is noted especially in granite, in contact metamorphic rocks, in metamorphic schists, and in hydrothermal veins. Important Muscovite deposits where large significant crystals occur are almost exclusively . - Before you identify rocks, you have to be able to identify the minerals that make them up. Suspect a sulfide first, especially if you can detect a sulfur smell. Check with acid test; Other soft mineral with good cleavage: suspect a sulfate; Thin sheets: suspect a mica; Hard splintery mineral: suspect a chain .

This paper reports the first example of fault mirrors developed in an unusual protolith, consisting of tourmaline crystals with inters.ial goethite..Metamorphic rocks in the Khoy region are exposed between obducted ophiolites to the southwest and sedimentary rocks of Precambrian-Paleozoic age to the northeast..

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