Identify Meucci Pool Cue

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A comprehensive list of Meucci past collectables and history, with cue shafts available for all models..MEUCCI ORIGINALS INC. pool cue model and pricing information..I am at purchasing this cue and was wandering if it would be worth while.// here is an image. I am having trouble..Top quality Meucci pool cues! is your source for Meucci pool cues at 15 off re All models ship free in the United States..

Your cue is from the Meucci 97 line. Those designs were released in 1997 and sold in the following number of years. Your cue is the Meucci 97-13 Meucci 9713 pool cue..Identify Meucci cue? self.billiards and that runs around 200-350, depending. Meucci cues will make very poor break cues, they have a pro-taper, which will make the smuch softer, more flex, increase the chance of a miscue, increase the chance of warping, less power will get into the cue-ball. Do this by rolling the cue on a pool .Monday this week a gentleman walked into my store wanting to sell his cue. It turned out to be a Meucci Original Cue that I have never seen and can not find listed in any of the books or the on-line websites that have an archive with the older Meucci cues listed..Meucci originals inc. Maker of pool cues from in Olivench, Mississippi, and from 1998 to present in Sledge, Mississippi. ob Meucci was born in Glenview, Illinois, the son of William "Red" Meucci, an Industrial Engineer..

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