Identify Memory Stick

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I know how to use several tools to identify the memory in a computer. I have a box of memory sticks 30 or so of various sizes but I need to know what type they are. At the moment I need DDr2 memory for a Dell Vostro 200. Short of searching the web for the par numbers on the sticks, is there another way to . - Ram sticks can be easily identified by just at them.Here 's is some difference. SD RAM - SD stands for synchronous DRAM. this is older type of RAM. Mostly nowadays new system are comming with DDR RAM. an SD RAM is really easy to identify as it has two notches at the bottom and would only fit . - FPM RAM, which stands for "Fast Page Mode RAMA is a type of Dynamic RAM DRAM . The term "Fast Page Mode" comes from the capability of memory being able to access data that is on the same page and can be done with less latency. Most 486 and Pentium based systems from 1995 and earlier use . - Hey folks, I just wanted to know the general way of identifying the ddr, ddr2 and ddr3 memory types. I have to I have to show them externally and there are no label on any of the memory. from the top side, the notch on the DDR2 lies slightly to the right of the middle point of the memory stick..

Developed by Sony the Memory Stick is a digital data storage technology with up to 10 times the storage capacity of a 35 diskette Sony is promoting the .RAM Memory Upgrade configurator for Apple, Dell, HP and Sun systems. Find and identify memory modules for servers, laptops and computers..In order to use a memory stick with a UPnP-capable Operating System, remove the cap first or extend the tab w.ver is appropriate in order to expose the USB plug . ChipGenius is a software used to identify the VID and PID information for flash memory. ChipGenius works well when the correct VID and PID has been .

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