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Search by Imprint, Shape or Color. Use the pill finder to identify medications by visual appearance or medicine name. All fields are optional. Enter the imprint code that appears on the pill e.g. L484. Select the the pill color optional Select the shape optional You may also search by drug name or NDC code..To accurately identify the pill, drug or medication, you can do any one, any combination of or all of the following steps using our pill identifier tool. Enter or Select from the drop down, the imprint code on the medication, The imprint is the letters, numbers or other markings on the pill, tablet or capsule..According to the National Ins.ute on Drug Abuse, the three of prescription drugs that are often abused include: Opioids used to treat pain Central nervous system CNS depressants, such as benzodiazepines Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Klonopin , used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders Stimulants, such as amphetamine and .Several websites have pill imprint code identifiers, such as WebMD, RxList and, that allow patients to input the code into a customized search engine. Users need an imprint code, color and shape of the pill. For more general results in searches, only the imprint code is needed..

  • Imprint Code Faqs For Oral Medications Drugs Com

    Need to identify an imprint code? Try the Pill Identifier. What are Imprint Codes? All approved prescription and over-the-counter solid, oral dosage form medications in the U.S. are required by the Food and Drug Administration FDA to have a unique imprint..

  • Medication Safety Pill Identification Storage And More

    There are lots of resources on the web to help you identify thend, dosage, and type of medication you have including: AARP; Web MD; CVS Pharmacy.

  • Pharmer Org Whats My Pill

    Welcome to, an educational resource that will help you identify and learn about the medicines you and your loved ones are prescribed..

  • Pharmacy Safety And Service Ins Ute For Healthcare

    What You Should Expect Your pharmacist and pharmacy staff play an important role in safe medication use. The pharmacist and pharmacy technicians must understand the physician's order, enter the order accurately into the computer record, identify potential problems with the prescription that the physician may have missed, pick the correct .

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