Identify Master Browser

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- And a grumpy Network Neighborhood is exactly the reason why sometimes, you need to find out which computer is the Master Browser..I wanna ask why is "browstat" the only tool I can use in the modern era of Server 2016 to determine the master browser? The DC in each office .Download the browstat utility// It will be one of the win7 machines. Rule is newest OS, then longest time up, . - You need to locate the network Master Browser, or allocate one commands to determine that in my WORKGROUP, the MSBROWSE is not .

Well, in that case, you need to determine who is the Master Browser so that you can narrow down the problem to one computer and see if maybe you need an updated ethernet driver, or there are firewall problems, or w.ver..The Browstat and Browmon utilities The Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit comes with two utilities, Browstat and Browmon, that allow you to easily identify the master browser in a Windows NT/2000 domain..Event viewer logs will also tell you. look for the entry of "an election is taking place between host A and host B blah blah." Don't waste your time trying to "force" anything concerning the master browser.. Find the Master Browser on a Windows 7 machine. This command will let you find the master browser on a Windows 7 machine. Obviously this should be run in a command window..

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