Identify Marking Pottery

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Antique Marks for Pottery Porcelain Marks. You can look for your mark by shape below or you can use the mark search box on the bottom right of the page. To scan by shape, look at your mark and determine the most likely shape category listed below such as crowns, shields, birds, etc..Pottery Porcelain Marks - Words Initials - A: Auguste Delaherche, a factory in France, used "A" marks on their stoneware. The Royal Porcelain Factory 's Augustus Rex mark, an often-copied mark for porcelain, is here. Other marks with an "A" initial or words that begin with .Pottery marks identification a tricky task at the best of times just got easier - with a little help from your friends! We have a public forum here on this site with over 2000 pages of pottery mark queries and answers. I try my best to answer the pottery marks identification queries myself - that 's if I know the answer - or can look up .TMP, a division of The Marks Project, Inc., has created and maintains TMP website to provide a research tool toist in the identification and attribution of American studio ceramics and ceramic makers, working from 1946 to present. TMP is not a valuation tool. TMP is not an authentication tool..

Antique Marks: for Anchor, Animals, Fish Insects, Arrows, Banners, Birds, Bowl Urn, Building Tower, Cartouches, Circle or Oval, Crescent, Crown, Crown .Suggested resources foristance in identifying Japanese pottery and porcelain marks without knowledge of the Japanese language.Every collector knows that the quickest way to identify a piece of pottery or porcelain is to identify the mark, but sometimes it's unreliable because marks are often .Learn to identify American Pottery. This article shows tips to id or find the maker of pottery by weight, clay, foot or bottom, any marks or numbers, and glaze..

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