Identify Marketing Plan

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Your marketing plan should be the reference do.ent you use as a basis to A STEEPLEysis helps you to identify the main opportunities and threats in .Identify Marketing Strategy. Higher market. Sell more to same market i.e., get current customers to buy more or buy more frequently Find new markets. Sell to markets or market segments not previously targeted. Develop new products for existing customers. Develop new products for new customers..

In this section identify the general marketing strategy under which this plan is being developed. It is very possible that a product will follow more than one strategy e.g., sell more of same product to current customers but also find new customers in new markets ..Research. An effective marketing plan provides you with objective information to confidently make decisions. This includes research that identifies the consumer need for your product or service .Market research andysis: The first component of a marketing plan allows you to gather pertinent information about the potential market for your product s and/or service s , evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and identify a target au.nce. 2..

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