Identify Map Terrain Features

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The five major terrain features are: Hill, Ridge, Valley, Saddle, and Depression. The three minor terrain features are: Draw, Spur and Cliff. Terrain features can be learned using the fist or hand to show what each would look like on the ground. Hill-a point or small area of high ground..When you are on a hilltop, the ground slopes down in all directions Figure 5?10 . Figure 5-10. A hill. 2 Ridge-a line of high ground with height variations along its crest. Figure 5-11. A ridge. Figure 5-14. A depression. Figure 5-15. A draw. Figure 5-17. A cliff..Standards: Identified the five major and three minor features on the map..Describes how terrain features are depicted on topographic maps. ridgeline is a line of high ground, usually with changes in elevation along its top and low ground on all sides from which a total of 10 natural or man-made terrain features are cl.ified. To determine the direction water is flowing, look at the contour lines.. provide extensive information about Identify Terrain Features On A Map .Describes how to interpret terrain features on a topographic map. Includes pictures and diagrams.. Terrain features are identified in the same manner on all maps, regardless of the contour interval, but you must realize that a hill in the Rocky Mountains will be much bigger than one in south Florida..T opographic maps present 3-dimensional landscape on a 2-dimensional surface. These maps are helpful for nearly any outdoor activity, such as hiking, fishing, and of course - .

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