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When you are on a hilltop, the ground slopes down in all directions Figure 5?10 . Figure 5-10. A hill. 2 Ridge-a line of high ground with height variations along its crest. Figure 5-11. A ridge. Figure 5-14. A depression. Figure 5-15. A draw. Figure 5-17. A cliff..The five major terrain features are: Hill, Ridge, Valley, Saddle, and Depression. The three minor terrain features are: Draw, Spur and Cliff. Terrain features can be learned using the fist or hand to show what each would look like on the ground. Hill-a point or small area of high ground..Standards: Identified the five major and three minor features on the map..Describes how terrain features are depicted on topographic maps. ridgeline is a line of high ground, usually with changes in elevation along its top and low ground on all sides from which a total of 10 natural or man-made terrain features are cl.ified. To determine the direction water is flowing, look at the contour lines..

TERRAIN FEATURES Information taken from FM 25-26 Military Map Reading Knowing how to identify terrain features on a map is very important if you are using a map to . Terrain features are identified in the same manner on all maps, regardless of the contour interval, but you must realize .2. Compare the p.o to the topographic map. Describe the pattern of the contour lines around features on the p.o..In this course you will receive fundamental training in basic military map reading skills. Learners will be exposed to the various parts of a map, understanding .

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