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Longaberger baskets are handcrafted baskets made with strict attention to quality and de The Longaberger Company has been creating beautiful baskets and other home furnishing crafts for 35 years. Due to the high quality of Longaberger baskets, they tend to be expensive. Often as you are browsing through thrift shops or auction sales, you might find baskets . Your Longaberger rep should have a book that lists all the baskets made by the company. My rep was able to tell me all the info on a basket that I bought about 15 years ago. My rep was able to tell me all the info on a basket that I bought about 15 years ago...o, I just wondering if anyone knows of an on-line resource to identify Longaberger baskets? I just bought a lot of them at a barn sale and would.Longaberger Bentley Identify value your collectibles Create an inventory and print reports Web-based, nothing to install Accessible from every device with access to the internet Both PC and Mac compatible.

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    Our BentleyOnline is inclusive of Longaberger items from 1978 thru current day, as well as J.W. Originals from the 1900s. Baskets, Pottery, Gl.ware, Wrought Iron Foundry , Ornaments, Fabric items, Tie-Ons and other basket accessories are all included..

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