Identify Longaberger Basket

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While it would be impossible to correctly identify every basket 100 of the time, there are steps you can take to ensure you are buying an authentic Longaberger .Correctly identifying your Longaberger basket can make the difference between selling it to a collector and selling it at a garage sale. You must know what kind .- Antique Basket Identification | guide identifying longaberger baskets ebay longaberger baskets.. - Longaberger baskets are handcrafted baskets made with strict attention to quality and de The Longaberger Company has been creating .

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  • How To Identify Longaberger Baskets Our Pastimes

    Tip. There are authentic Longaberger baskets that do not fit all of these criteria. If you find a basket that you are unsure about, you can contact the Longaberger Company about helping you identify it: .

  • How Do I Find Out What Kind Of Longaberger Basket I Have

    On the bottom of the basket you will find the Longaberger name, the weaver's initials, the year the basket was woven and perhaps a special logo if the basket is from a special collection..

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    If you are ever in doubt as to whether or not you have a Longaberger Basket, we suggest you have the experts at The Longaberger Company take a look at it. There is always someone available at Longaberger Homestead to identify baskets and if you cannot make the trip, they oftentimes accept items by mail for identification..

  • Is There A Way To Figure Out Which Longaberger Basket I

    Your Longaberger rep should have a book that lists all the baskets made by the company. My rep was able to tell me all the info on a basket that I .

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