Identify Local End Point

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20140326 conference decides to give every Face two FaceUris: one for local endpoint, the other for remote endpoint. This solves the multicast identification problem, and can also distinguish two UDP tunnels from same remote host into two local IPs. Further questions: .The LocalEndPoint property gets an EndPoint that contains the local IP address and port number to which your Socket is bound. You must cast this EndPoint to an IPEndPoint before retrieving any information. You can then the IPEndPoint.Address method to retrieve the local IPAddress, and the IPEndPoint.Port method . - Every endpoint has an addressociated with it, which is used to locate and identify the endpoint. This address consists primarily of a Uniform Resource Identifier URI , which specifies the location of the endpoint. The endpoint address is represented in the Windows Communication Foundation WCF .You can use the LocalEndpoint property to identify the local network interface and port number being used to listen for incoming client connection requests, after a socket connection has been made. You must first cast this EndPoint to an IPEndPoint. You can then the IPEndPoint.Address property to retrieve the local IP .

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