Identify Local End Point Udp

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- I used the wrong overloaded constructor for the socket: Socket socket = new Socket AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Dgram .Subject changed from UDP Multicast face may need additional identification to Identify local endpoint of multicast face; Description updated diff ; Start date . - The UdpClient clcommunicates with network services using UDP. UDP datagrams sent to the remote endpoint are not guaranteed to delivers the message to any host on the local network segment. on the network identified by IP addresses starting with 192.168.1, use the address - It identifies the datagram services exposed to applications and how an The local endpoint is set using the BIND and set on the remote .

I have 3 network interfaces on pc and want to make sure that when I do udp socket send, it sends via a specific network interface I have the ip address to use when sending data . Here is the code..EndPoint client = new IPEndPoint IPAddress.Any, 0 ; int bytes = udp_client.ReceiveFrom buffer, ref client ; string port = IPEndPoint client .Port.ToString The reason is you cannot use Remo.dPoint on a UDP socket..The following code example retrieves and displays the local and remote endpoints. s->Connect lep ; // Uses the Remo.dPoint property..Getting the IP Address of a Remote Socket Endpoint. Ask Question. up vote 32 down vote favorite. 6. Getting the IP address of the current machine usinga. 1. Get IP address of my computer on a local network by way of BSD sockets? 1..

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