Identify Lever Action Rifles

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- .o, I was wondering if anyone could idenify this lever action rifle or any of them for that matter. I know the pictures are bad but, it 's all I have to work with.. - sister in law dose not know anything about this lever action rifle she has and can 't see any writing on it was hoping someone would recognize it from the picture thanks ok from pictures I 've seen and emails from a few people I 'm thinking this is a winchester model 1866 that is nickel plated in a carbine length .The lever action is the repeating descendent of the falling block single s The type is easily identified by the loop lever/trigger guard underneath the action. This leaves the sides of the receiver flat and uncluttered, convenient to carry in the hand or scabbard. The lever is fast and natural to operate from the shoulder, .The information given here is meant only as a basic guide to identifying Whitney lever guns. There are many more variations that are discussed in Sam Maxwell 's book "Lever Action Magazine Rifles", Published in 1976 by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas Covina, California . Just a brief note about the author .

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