Identify Kpm Back Marks

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The letters KPM can trace their ancestry back to 1763 when they were first This article discusses KPM marks used after 1825 and will focus on pieces from the it can often be difficult to detect letter subs.utions without a careful inspection..When KPM Berlin shortly afterwards added the initials 'KPM ' to their mark, are fake anyway, so I won 't bother to show them or explain how one can find out if .A guide to Berlin Porcelain Marks including the Berlin Sceptre Mark, the KPM Orb mark and significant dates in the history of Berlin Porcelain..

Information on pottery porcelain for antique ceramics collectors. Covering ceramic glazes, styles of decoration, makers marks and china marks.Names of pottery parts and shapes. The Chinese Pottery and Porcelain morphology, being a description of the shapes of the vessels with il.rations..Sharing his p.ion, his daughter Marion Zimmerman Rizzo joined him full-time back in the 90's. She earned her degree in Antique and Art Appraisal at New York University..MISCSILVER #41209C Cased Set of Eight SS Dessert Spoons. This is a extremely nice original case of SS Dessert Spoons, each measuring 5 inches long..

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