Identify Jewelweed

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Jewelweed pod and flower. Notes: The name Jewelweed comes from the fact that dew and rain ends up on the leaves, forming sparking droplets of water. Jewelweed full plant. BONUS! A fun identifying feature of the jewelweed is the explosive pop of the pod upon touch, dispersing seeds all over. Watch our short to . - Impatiens capnesis, also known as jewelweed, and in this case, also known as the Spotted Touch-Me-Not, is an annual plant that prefers wet areas. In fact, I took most of these pictures within a couple feet of the bank of a river. The name "jewelweed" is derived from the way that water droplets form on.Jewelweed is best known for its skin healing properties. The leaves and the juice from the stem of Jewelweed .Hey guys in this we learn how to identify jewel weed or spotted touch me not, a very popular medicinal .

Confidently master the skill of correct plant identification. Skip to content. Identify that Plant; Blog posts; Jewelweed. Jewelweed. Bookmark the permalink.. How to identify jewelweed, which is an excellent medicinal home herbal remedy for poison ivy.If you are .Jewelweed often grows on the edge of creek beds. There is plenty of jewelweed in the wild, and it is not hard to find once you learn to identify it. I read on a newsgroup that the garden variety of impatiens has the same properties, though not as concentrated..The above p.o shows a modest-sized stand of Jewelweed Impatiens spp. mid-way through its growing season. The question is . . . is it Impatiens pallida Pale .

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