Identify Jewelweed

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Jewelweed Impatiens capensis . Family: Balsaminaceae. Jewelweed flower A fun identifying feature of the jewelweed is the explosive pop of the pod upon . - Jewelweed: How To Identify This Useful Medicinal Plant. It 's leaves are alternate, oval shaped, and have relatively sharp teeth. Jewelweed tends to be pretty tall when it 's mature. One of the coolest things about this plant is that it 's leaves appear to become "silvery" when they are looked at under water See below . - Check out the flower 's spur as well as its two sepals. Another common name for Jewelweed is Touch-me-not. Gently grasp one of the mature seed pods between fingers and thumb. You can feel the pod spring apart and coil up between your fingers..

The Jewelweed plant has been used for centuries as a natural preventative and treatment for poison ivy and poison oak; and is a folk .Like a sunburn that appears hours after forgetting your sunscreen, a poison ivy or oak rash is insanely itchy and shows up way after your error in judgment of.Billie, the remedy which works for me is Jewelweed Impatiens capensis or I. pallida . I use it two ways: 1 Crush the plant's juicy stem and leaves and rub the plant matter and juice on the skin area where I just came in contact with the poison ivy..Here are five "weeds" that are beautiful, edible, and have medicinal qualities and uses that you never knew! They grow in my yard..

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