Identify Japanese Dolls

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Identifying Japanese Dolls: Notes on Ningyo [Lea Baten] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lea Baten 's unique and resourceful bo.sts in the identification of the familiar and unfamiliar figurines known as ningyo.. - Identifying "geisha doll" types. This page is to help answer the question, "what does this doll represent"? Bride: The traditional Japanese bride wears two outfits: at first, a colored layer suitable for a young girl, then, as part of the process of becoming a wife, a white robe signifying that she is dead to her .

As with most manufacturers, Alresford Crafts wanted to be able to identify the manufacturing date and methods used on each doll sent out of .Antique dolls from Germany, England and France To identify a bisque, antique doll, look for incised marks on the back of the neck, often under the wig..Identify Mattel vintage Barbie dolls 1963-1967, p.os, descriptions, doll markings, buy, sell, collect, for antique doll iden.ies? There are 4 possible areas on the body for Manufacturers Marks, finding the mark eases the iden.ies.

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