Identify Japan China Dinnerware Makers Mark

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Hi there . The mark in this link that I found was identified with UCAGCO this is identified as a distributor/importer of products made in Japan circa 1950s..AEROZON; Aerozon is a trade mark made up from 'air' and 'ozone'. I occurs on German accessories, air cleaners as in perfume burners, night lamps etc. for which many porcelain bo.s were made, some of them in Japan..Identify rare American antique dog figurines from some famous historical potteries such as Shawnee, Kay Finch, McCoy, Rosemeade, Hager-Renaker, Morton and more..Learn to identify American Pottery. This article shows tips to id or find the maker of pottery by weight, clay, foot or bottom, any marks or numbers, and glaze..

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