How Can I Tell Whether I Have A Magnetic Ballast Or An

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Just point your cell phone camera at the lamp, and take a picture. If the image displays dark bands ores, your fluorescent lamp is driven by a magnetic ballast. A modern, electronic ballast drives the lamp at a much higher frequency, and a picture of these lamps will be clearly different, without such bands.. The ballast provides enough voltage to start the fluorescent bulbs, and once they are started, it quickly lowers the current to produce just enough electricity to produce a steady light source. Without the ballast, a fluorescent bulb would attach directly to 120-volt current and quickly burn out the bulb..Magnetic vs. Electronic Ballasts. Which Ballast Do You Have? You can determine whether you have a compatible fixture in seconds..Premature ballast failure is often caused by the surrounding environment. Heat and moisture are enemies #1 and #2 to your ballast. Every ballast has an ambient operating temperature range and UL location rating. When it's too or too cold, the ballast can burn or fail to start your lamps at all..

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