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We tested some of the most popular beverage centers and mini fridges to see just which one makes for the best designated beer fridge.. - My husband is amazing and deserves a great beer fridge. He LOVES a variety of beers. Therefore, I would like to get him something with non-permanent shelves to accommodate the larger bottles/hes putting bottles on their sides. Additionally, temperature control is key he comes home from work and .Never again let cries of "Beer Me!" ring out in vain with a beer fridge designed for your den, game room, home theater or bar. A beer refrigerator keeps you focused on must-see TV better than a DVR, while lo.ng infinitely more attractive situated next to your high-definition television than that old yellowed refrigerator kept .

BeverageFactory.com features the largest selection of Residential and Commercial grade Kegerators and Keg Beer Dispensers. These are specialized refrigerators large .Easy Upgrade Series: Build a DIY Fermentation Chamber. As I mentioned towards the end of 2012, I've got a few projects lined up and wanted to share these easy .The Fridge, first and foremost, is a unique, innovative redestination for the largest selection and variety of premium craft beer available by the individual .You can buy a ready-built kegerator, but with a price tag that usually exceeds $700, you're spending a lot of money to buy a fresher beer. Luckily, theres a better .

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