Home Based Exercise Programme

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Home based exercise programme for knee pain and knee osteoarthritis: randomised controlled trial. INTERVENTIONS: Parti.nts were randomised to four groups to receive exercise therapy, monthly telephone contact, exercise therapy plus telephone contact, or no intervention..Conclusions. A simple home based exercise programme can significantly reduce knee pain. The lack of improvement in patients who received only telephone contact suggests that improvements are not just due to psychosocial effects because of contact with the the .

Conclusion. The recommendations provide an up-to-date, evidence-based approach to the full range of issues related to the use of exercise in AS, as well as .A training course for health and exercise professionals in the delivery of the evidence based Otago strength and balance exercise programme to reduce falls in frailer .Providing specialist, evidence based, effective exercise training for health and exercise professionals working with older people, frailer older people and stroke .Conclusion. The addition of a written and pictorial home exercise prescription does not lead to better adherence to a home exercise programme compared to having no .

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