Home Baby Heart Monitor

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- What is a fetal heart monitor? Just like it sounds, these at-home monitors are used by mamasand sometimes family membersto listen to baby 's heartbeat. There are two basic ways to listen to your baby 's heart beat at home: Dopplers, also known as doptones or Doppler probes, and..

Tempted to buy one of of those inexpensive fetal "heart listeners" so you can hear your baby's heartbeat for the first time or stay tuned into it between prac.ioner visits? Being able to monitor your baby's heart can be loads of fun and may even help you have a better night's sleep if you're a stresser by nature..Three sheep White Noise Machine, Baby Sleep Sound Machine with 20 Soothing Sounds, Sleep Timer, Headphone Jack, Rechargeable and USB Socket for and Children at Home, Office and Travel by three sheep.When the waves encounter movement, such as your baby's heart beating, they bounce back to the device. The device then translates the movement into sound, which the machine amplifies so you can hear it..

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