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HAVi: Home Audio Interoperability. Jussi Teirikangas. Helsinki University of Technology. Jussi.Teirikangas@hut.fi. Abstract. Eight major consumer electronics manufacturers have come up with an open standard enabling home entertainment devices to communicate intelligently with each other. The HAVi Home .8.1 Introduction HAVi is a digital audio networking initiative that provides a home networking software specification for seamless interpretability among home entertainment products. Equally important. the HAVi specification is device-centric. so it has been designed to meet the particular demands of digital audio and .Home Audio Interoperability HAVi Definition - Home Audio Interoperability HAVi is a standard for connecting different home entertainment and .What is HAVi? IEEE 1394 network is capable of handling both commands and multiple digital audio/. streams. IEEE 1394 is a standard which enjoys Why Does The World Need. HAVi? Interpretability. - Functions on a device within the HAVi networking system may be controlled from another device within the .

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