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"Home" is the ninth episode of the first season of Stargate: Atlantis. After exploring M5S-224, Dr. Rodney McKay discovers the mist is giving off power every time the Stargate is dialed out. This presents the team an opportunity to get back to Earth..Action A strange energy generating fog allows travel back to Earth. But something 's wrong..Dr. McKay has convinced Major Sheppard to send the team to M5S-224, believing energy readings showed evidence of civilization but the only thing present is atmosphere that resembles fog though it is not water vapor . As they dial the Stargate back to Atlantis, McKay takes readings and discovers the gate is actually .My favorite pieces to redo are always sofas and chairs. This is one of the reasons I haunt thrift stores and consignment stores so regularly. I am always lo.ng for some perfect discarded orphans. In this post I 'll be sharing some of my before and afters. I definitely subscribe to the 'go-bold-or-go-home ' mentality and always .

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