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- Emily Weiner in her home art gallery in Brooklyn Heights. Credit Hilary Swift for The New York Times. There was wine in plastic cups and people milling around, but the similarity to any other art gallery opening ended there. This was the painter Austin Eddy 's one-bedroom walk-up apartment in Greenpoint, . - it a domestic gallery, home gallery, apartment gallery or micro-gallery. The names vary but the concept is simple: use do-it-yourself brio to transform a ba.t, living room, porch or another nook into a miniature alternative to mainstream galleries.. - The gallerye in the Soho home of Edwina Sandys. Real estate and art are birds of a very expensive feather. So it is no surprise that if rich folks got 'em, they want to flaunt 'em. Gone of the days of being bored by a host 's fancy vacation slides or family p.o shoots. Now the well-to-do are eager to .And let 's face it, being the curator of your own personal art gallery is a really fun job. Paintings: vintage MORE - Curate Your Own Art Gallery at Home Work of Art: How to Rustle Up a Masterpiece 10 Artful Ways Gallery Ideas That 'll Wake Up Your Walls How to Use Artwork to Make Buyers Fall in Love With Your Home..

National Geographic | Fine Art Galleries presents works by award-winning National Geographic p.ographers in a dynamic gallery setting..Welcome to Lehigh University Art Galleries LUAG , the Teaching Museum at Lehigh University. We are a museum-without-walls located throughout Lehigh's .Welcome : Upcoming Events: If i RAN the ZOO. SPECIAL OPENING RECEPTION Sa.ay, - 7 PM Refreshments and hors .Since 1996 Affordable Art Fair has helped art collectors buy affordable artwork from artists + contemporary art galleries..

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