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A flea finds his new home in a dopey dog 's ear. Cartoons for Children - HD 383,271 views. Baby Bao .Subject: Lyr Req: There 's a Home Around the Corner From: GUEST,M Yudkowsky Date: - 09:25 PM I 've searched for the lyrics and tune to "There 's a Home Around the Corner," a 1930 's dustbowl song. The closest I 've been able to find is this parody, "Food Around the Corner," from a 1940 's cartoon..All is peaceful until a flea comes bouncing by, dressed in a farmer 's-type outfit with a big straw hat, and carrying a satchel inscribed "Anthony Flea" also known as A. Flea. Pulling out his telescope and spotting the dog, he whistles and screams in excitement before beginning to sing "Food Around the Corner", which become .

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