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Annual percentage rate, or APR, encomp.es your mort.e rate plus other charges, including points, fees and additional charges you pay in order to get a loan. Because it includes additional fees, your APR is usually higher than interest rate..

For home equity lines, the APR is just the interest rate. Interest Rate The cost a customer pays to a lender for borrowing funds over a period of time expressed as a percentage rate of the loan amount..Bankrate provides real-time rates with APR for 30-year fixed, 15-year fixed and more. For more information and reviews on Bankrate's best mort.e lenders, check out our top lenders page. Make sure to use APR, which includes fees and costs, when comparing mort.e rates from lenders..For adjustable rate mort.e loans, the APR does not reflect the maximum interest rate of the loan. Be careful when comparing the APRs of fixed-rate loans with the APRs of adjustable-rate loans, or when comparing the APRs of different adjustable-rate loans..The APR, or annual percentage rate, on a mort.e reflects the interest rate, as well as other costs such as broker fees, discount points and some closing costs. The APR is expressed as a percentage. Learn more about a mort.e's APR, .

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