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- A: Square footage in the listing is typi.y an estimate of the living area whereas the appraisal square footage is based on an actual measurement by the appraiser.. - But when the appraiser comes inside the condo to measure, he 's usually using a "walls in" measurement which often yields a square footage lower than what the architectural drawings state. Depending on the size of the home, thee between those walls can add up..The square footage of your home is an important specification for valuation purposes, but sometimes the appraiser 's calculation of your property 's square . - A conventionally designed 2-story home measuring 30-by-30 feet with no ba.t would have 900 square feet per floor, so an appraiser would probably calculate the place as having 1,800 square feet..

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    Welcome. Do a property search to find exactly what you are lo.ng for. Our appraisal roll contains all taxable residential, commercial, industrial, mineral, and personal properties within the boundaries of .zoria County..

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    Athabasca, Edmonton, Slave Lake, Lac La Biche and Northern Alberta Real Estate Appraisals. Whether you're purchasing a home, selling commercial real estate, developing land as an investment, or conducting any other type of real estate transaction in Athabasca, Edmonton, Slave Lake, Lac La Biche and Northern Alberta, a professional property appraisal .

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