Home Appraisal Comps

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- The first big decision a seller has to make is deciding on the price for their house.. - When valuing a home, an appraiser collects data on the sale prices of Generally speaking, appraisers try to use comps that sold within the . - The right comps make all the difference. How do appraisers pull comps? I sc.d the surface of this topic a few days ago in a clI taught, .

Tweet; Here's a nightmare scenario for anyone trying to sell a home: a deal-killing appraisal that shows your house isn't worth nearly as much as your sale price..An appraiser uses comparables to arrive at home value. You have a few options if the appraisal comes lower than the sales price.. If you're hoping to refinance the mort.e on your home, there's one big roadblock between you and that lower rate: the home appraisal. If your appraisal is low, you might not be able to .What every home buyer and home seller should know about home appraisals - what happens during a home appraisal, and how it can affect the sale..

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