Home Ant Spray

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I 've compiled the comments and suggestions by category, allowing you to compare the different methods a little more easily. Lemon juice. Cinnamon. Peppermint. Borax, water and sugar. Boiling water and dish soap. Diatomaceous earth. Chalk. Baking soda and powdered sugar..

Enjoy the Bengal 16 oz. Roach, Ant and Spider Spray 96837, odorless designed to flush and killroaches, ants, spiders and other crawling or flying insects from .Water Spray. water quickly kills ants when sprayed on their trail, and when poured directly on an ant hill, it can even eliminate an entire ant colony in your .Carpenter ant elimination with insectide sprays,dusts; ant baits for control of carpenter ants. Carpenter ants wood ants do not actually eat wood but excavate .Do you have an ant problem but don't want to use toxic products around your home? Try this DIY non-toxic ant spray that kills the ants on contact. Bye-bye ants!.

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