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Anemometer at WeatherS com, Your Source for Wind Anemometers, Wind Anemometer, Hand Held Anemometers and Complete Home Weather Stations.Anemometer at WeatherS com, Your Source for Wind S.d Meter, Wind For most home weather stations installations, striking a compromise is likely the .However if you 're interested in mounting an anemometer outside your home but you want to be able to know the wind s.d before you leave the house, you .Great for home, RV, recreational use Comes with 25 wire but works with hundreds of feet - we can provide or add your own! Any 2-conductor wire will work!.

Model 471B Measures Air Velocity or Air Volume and Temperature Simultaneously Thermo-Anemometer Test Instrument is a versatile dual function unit that quickly and easily measures air velocity or volumetric flow..Ultrasonic Anemometer Voltage and Serial Outputs. Ultrasonic Anemometer Heated Model 86004. Ultrasonic Anemometer Marine Model Model 86106.Choose from our wide variety of hand-held, pole mount, magnetic mount, and window mount anemometers, wind sensors, and wind meters. Having trouble picking one out?. 2018 R. M. Young Company | 2801 Aero Park Drive | Traverse City, Michigan 49686 USA | 231-946-3980 | met.sales@youngusa.com Home | Products | .

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