Home And Remote Interfaces

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When you run an EJB compiler over an EJB, its this stub and skeleton like code that 's getting generated which glues the home and remote interfaces to the real EJB. Whether or not you go through any of this code is up to the container. Some containers like Weblogic will optimize out network-like access if . - Basi.y by declaring the @Local @Remote interfaces you specify which methods should be available for the remote clients and which for the local beans in the same JVM. Home interface is used to allow a remote client to create, find, and remove EJB objects. You can easily find that information on the . - As you may already know, the Enterprisea Bean EJB 2.0 specification contains both a remote client view and a new local client view. Thus, session and en.y beans can have a local home interface and a local component interface, either with or instead of a remote home interface and a remote .The Interfaces. The first task of the bean provider is to design and code the home and remote interfaces. The home interface specifies how the server will create the bean, using the EJBCreate method of the bean implementation. This example creates a stateful session bean that takes no parameters, because there is no .

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