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If you determine that he is responsible enough to care for himself alone after school, brief him on these rules: Have an emergency plan. Always check in. Make the phone almost off-limits. Don 't leave the house. Take the same way home. Keep him busy. Practice first aid..

7 Safety Rules for Kids at Home Alone If your child is ready to stay home alone, here are some rules to keep your child safe..Home alone children guidelines and safety tips for working parents - latchkey kidsing program that automati.ys home alone children at home to ensure they are OK. Latch key childrening program thats households to verify that a child is OK..Home Safety Tips for Olders Tools and Tips. Printer-friendly PDF Click here to see our other tip sheets. With a growing number of olders living independently, it's increasingly important to make sure that they're safe at home..Is ready to stay home alone, the following suggestions may help you to prepare your child and to feel more comfortable about leaving him or her home alone:.

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    Safety tips for parents. While teaching your child safety rules for staying home alone, it is important to stress the importance of the safety rules, without unnecessarily instilling fear. Post a list of emergency numbers including family members, trusted friends and neighbors, and emergency personnel..

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    Many kids stay home alone, but their experiences are not like the one in the Home Alone movies. Staying home alone can be exciting and fun, but it can also be lonely or scary. Tips for Staying Home Alone; What to Remember; Before You Stay Home Alone; Tips for Staying Home Alone. If you do stay home alone or plan to in the future, make sure .

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    When you are both comfortable, start out with brief periods alone a run to the grocery store or bank, for example and then gradually extend the time apart. They need to know what to do in case of an emergency, too, Dr. Sege says. Basic rules: Your child should you when he gets home..

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