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La Tuque, QC YLQ Lac Brochet, MB XLB Lac Edouard, QC - Rail service XEE Ladysmith, BC - Rail service XEH Langford, BC - Rail service XEJ Lansdowne House, ON YLH Leaf Rapids, MB YLR Lethbridge, AB YQL Lloydminister, AB YLL London, ON - Rail service XDQ London, ON - Muni.l Airport YXU .The ICAO airport code is a four-character alphanumeric code used to designate all airport around the world as defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization..This airline and airport code search engine provides an official source for codesigned by IATA. Find out the 2-letter code of an airline or identify to which airline a 2-letter code corresponds. Find out the 3-letter code of a location airport, city or identify which airport or city uses a particular code..Airport CodesAbout. aal. aar. aba. abc. abe. abi. abj. abq. abv. abz. aca. acc. ace. ack. acy. add. adl. aep. aer. aes. aex. aga. agb. agc. agp. ags. agu. ahb. ajf. ajl. aju. akc. akl. akx. ala. alb. alc. alg. ama. amd. amm. amq. ams. anc. ang. anr. ans. anu. aoi. apa. apw. aqj. aqp. arn. asb. ase. asm. asu. ata. ath. atl. atq. atw. aua..

The Lincoln Airport Authority. Copyright 2005-2017. Home; Flights; Airport; Visitor; General; Doing Business; Industrial.Regional airport, remodeled and expanded in 1999, provides schedule information, history, and information about the airport..Short Term: $2.00 each half hour Long Term: $4.00 each hour find out more about parking at AZO The ease of flying in and out of the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek .AIRPORT NEWS Detroit Metropolitan Airport closes the books on 2017 with another increase in p.engers WOW Air cele.tes Detroit Metropolitan Airport partnership .

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