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Results 1 - - Air Quality Pollution Monitor, Detector, Meter, Sensor, Tester; Detect Detector Indoor Outdoor with Temperature and Humidity for Home .Ships from and sold by Home Air Check. Time sensitive, Single-use indoor air quality test measures hundreds of different VOCs and checks for actively growing mold. Home Air Check is the advanced, accurate test kit thatyzes for hundreds of VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds, i.e. .PRO-LAB Mold Test Kit. PRO-LAB Radon Gas Test Kit. Extech Instruments Desktop Indoor Air Quality CO2 Monitor..

Home to thousands of product ratings and reviews. Join the club for access to exclusive product tests - it's completely free..For testing of paper, textiles, air and water filters, foam, metal screens. The Low Pressure Air Permeability Machine was developed by the National Ins.ute of Standards and Technology of measuring the air permeability of textile type materials. and It is the acknowledged standard of the U.S. Government and the U.S. Textile Industry..The Home Air Check formaldehyde test determines the total level of the toxic chemical formaldehyde present in your home. As with other Home Air Check products, the formaldehyde test is a professional-grade test offered in an easy-to-use at-home test kit, and the sample isyzed by an accredited laboratory..

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