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Homet. In Mobile Internet Protocol Mobile IP , a homet is a router on a mobile node 's home network that maintains information about the device 's current location, as identified in its care-of address..

The homet uses tunneling mechanisms to forward Internet traffic so that the device's IP address doesn't have to be changed each time it connects from a different location. A homet may work in conjunction with a foreign .t , which is a router on the visited network..Mobile IP specifies how a mobile node registers with its homet and how the homet routes datagrams to the mobile node through the tunnel. Applications [ edit ] In many applications e.g., VPN , VoIP , sudden changes in network connectivity and IP address can cause problems..The Homet maintains anociation between the home IP address of the Mobile Node and its care-of address, which is the current location of the Mobile Node on the foreign or visited network How Mobile IP Works.Mobile IP uses a registration mechanism to register the care-of address with a homet. The homet redirects datagrams from the home network to the care-of address by constructing a new IP header that contains the mobile node's care-of address as the destination IP address..

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    Introduction. The Mobile IP allows for location-independent routing of IP datagrams on the Internet. Each mobile node is identified by its home address disregarding its current location in the Internet..

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