Home Again Annual Fee

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Jump to How much does HomeAgain membership cost pet owners? - Following the first year of HomeAgain membership which is regularly priced at $19.99 but may be offered at a discount through a HomeAgain vet clinic or shelter , pet owners will be able to maintain their exclusive member benefits by renewing their annual membership at a nominal cost of $19.99 per year..

Talking to Clients: Benefits of Annual Membership Be sure to highlight all the comprehensive benefits pet owners receive in return for their annual HomeAgain membership fee. HomeAgain makes microchipping more attractive to pet owners with a broad range of pet protection features that are unique to the industry..And HomeAgain maintains pet owner contact information by proactively prompting owners to update it during the annual membership renewal process and through other member communications. Moreover, only HomeAgain offers pet owners a host of value-added services with an annual membership..HOME AGAIN has been sending me letters now telling me they want an ADDITIONAL $20 per animal for "annual renewal" or they will EXPIRE. EXPIRE? MY Vet keeps telling me no, HOME AGAIN promised them the $60.00 was a ONE TIME FEE.. Gibbs has a Home Again microchip. We've never used Home Again before. Today I got an email saying his annual renewal fee is due. What!?!?! Do I really.

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