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- If you find one of these rebate processing job leads or land on a site for work from home rebate processing, you 'll notice the site or ad makes it sound like While affiliate marketing is definitely not a scam, you shouldn 't fool with any site or ad posting offering you a "rebate processing opportunity" because .Rebate Processor. by David. "Rebate Processor", by Debbie Teague and Andrew Gaswint and found at rebate-processors.info, is another rebate processing scam, as old as the internet, in a new package contrived to lure people lo.ng to work from home. Rebate Processor claims that it places want ads to process .They have you pay thirty-nine dollars, hard to come by these days, in order to sign up in hopes of landing these 'jobs ' Rebate Processor Jobs claims they offer. There is absolutely no truth to it. Let me break it down for you here at ScamXposer. It comes down to affiliate marketing. The trick to claiming you make fifbucks .Sites like ProcessAtHome and Process Affiliate Rebates offer "rebate processing positions," but learn the truth about. Process Affiliate Rebates ProcessAffiliateRebates.com is the reincarnation of a site that many feel is one of the biggest scams of all-time: Process At Home ProcessAtHome.com . Over a year ago, .

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