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The protocol enables IPv6 nodes to cache the binding of a mobile node 's home address with its care-of address, and to then send any packets destined for the mobile node directly to it at this care-of address. To support this operation, Mobile IPv6 defines a new IPv6 protocol and a new destination option. All IPv6 nodes . - Mobile IPv6 draft-ietf-mobileip-ipv6-14.txt defines an optioned a Home Address Option. It is designed to allow mobile nodes to cir.vent problems caused by ingress filtering. The reason for asking saag now is that there has been a lot of recent focus on security issues related to MIPv6 's use of the .Prefix Information option The Prefix Information option is one of the Neighbor Discovery options used to distribute prefix information of a network from a router to other nodes connected to the network. In Mobile IPv6, a homet includes its address in this option as a part of the prefix information. All homets on the . - For an address form, it is useful to get the address in structured format. You can use Autocomplete.getPlace to retrieve the full de.s for each autocomplete prediction, including the structured address. If you use the placeIdOnly option, the Autocomplete object will not get place de.s, as the PlaceResult .

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