Home Abs Workout

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Find out how many calories this 10 Minute Abs Workout burns @//bit.ly/x3Llm6 4 Week Abs Program .Get abs like an athlete with ATHLEAN-X here //athleanx.com/x/abs-like-an-athlete-now Home ab .Fitness Model Jessica Soares is showing you a great Home Stomach Workout that you can do in about Ten .

It's time to push your abs to exhaustionnot to mention, fight the flabwith new abs exercises that are anything but routine. And it's not just a six-pack you'll get: Maintain strong abs and you'll help prevent back pain, boost your agility, and increase your flexibility, says Tom Holland, exercise physiologist and author of Beat The Gym: .The routine is composed of 7 abdominal exercises carefully chosen to hit both the upper and lower abs. Use them to get a ripped core!..en your abs and bring your toes inches off the floor. Lift your butt off the chair. Hold this position for as long as you can aim for seconds. Lower yourself down and repeat. Continue this exercise for 1 minute..If you want strong and toned abs, you're going to have to work those muscles from all angles. Basic crunches won't do. Here's a five-move workout that fires up.

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