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The Best Ab Workout For A Six-Pack. Sit-Up. 15-20 reps or to failure. Flat Bench Lying Leg Raise. 15-20 reps or to failure. Jackknife Sit-Up. 15-20 reps or to failure. Flat Bench Leg Pull-In. 15-20 reps or to failure. Toe Touchers. 15-20 reps reps or to failure Crunches. 15-20 reps or to failure. Reverse Crunch..

This routine is composed of seven abdominal exercises carefully chosen to work both the upper and lower abs. Hit it hard three times a week, along with a healthyt, some lifting, and the right amount of cardio, and you'll see your abs soon enough..Abs and Core Exercises Six-Week Power Abs Routine Build strong abs in six weeks with this radical program thats the belly of the beast..Workouts Fitness Blender 15 Minute Abs Workout - At Home Core Training without Equipment. This 15 minute abs routine uses no equipment at all and thoroughly works the core. With no repeat exercises, this workout is great for people who get bored easily.. Effective Exercises without Equipment. Complete Ab-routine covering all parts of the abs. Sets, reps, workout examples info/tips in Vi Abs Workout at Home..

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