Glossary Of Environmental Terms California

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N -. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System NPDES . A system under the federal Clean Water Act that requires a permit for the discharge of pollutants to surface waters of the United States. In California, NPDES permits are obtained from the Regional Water Quality Control Board.. - Water Words - Glossary and Definitions. A Compilation of Technical Water, Water Quality, Environmental, and Water-Related Terms. This resource offers a general understanding of the many terms and abbreviations used by the State Water Resources Control Board SWRCB and the nine Regional Water .CEQA - California Environmental Quality Act CERCLA - Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act U.S. Superfund CERFA - Community Environmental Response Facilitation Act CESQG - Conditionally-Exempt Small Quan.y Generator CIWMB - California Integrated Waste Management .Term or Acronym, Definition of Term or Acronym, Reference or Link. All Appropriate Inquiries AAI . The All Appropriate Inquiries AAI Final Rule is codified in federal law -le 40 CFR Part 312. AAI is a process of evaluating a property 's environmental conditions andessing the likelihood of significant impacts or .

This glossary contains terms and definitions extracted from fact sheets and other DTSC publications, most of which were developed to support public parti.tion activities. It is a "working" glossary in that the public parti.tion and technical staff use it as a starting place, but frequently modify the descriptions to match site, facility and community .----- ENVIRONMENTAL GLOSSARY Accident Site The location of an unexpected occurrence, failure, or loss, either at a plant or along a transportation route, resulting in a release of hazardous materials. Acclimatization The physiological and behavioral adjustments of an organism to changes in its environment..Environmental Terms. RAO Home RAO Publications | Glossary of Environmental Terms Cal/EPA - California Environmental Protectioncy.Glossary of Environmental Due Diligence Terms and Acronyms. the California legislature p.ed into law the Alquist-Priolo USGS water science glossary of terms:.

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