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As a foundry material manufacturing enterprise, CCRMM continuously provides green products by means of new technology and innovation. Meanwhile, CCRMM is committed to zero pollution by strictly following the environmental protection standards in production.

▲Pilot enterprises for circular economy policy implemented by Chongqing government

For years’ research, CCRMM successfully developed the technology and equipment for foundry waste recycling and put into production, which made contributions to energy saving and emission reduction.

▲Open up a green passage for regeneration of waste sand

By reclaiming used foundry sand, 80% of the waste sand could be recycled for use, which follows the "resource - production - consumption - reproduction" cycle model. It helps utilizing used foundry sand to the maximum and creating a healthy cycle of "low exploitation, high utilization, low emission and reuse”.

▲Green products help non-polluting emissions

Ammonia-free resin coated sand, CCITEK® wet coated sand and other products made by CCRMM, not only improve the quality of castings, but also reduce the risk of environmental pollution and hazards to workers. Copyright ICP 11003915 prepared by Yu 2015 MOOC+

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