Childproofing And Preventing Household Accidents

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Common causes of home-injurys are fire and burns, suffocation, drowning,, falls, poisoning, and guns. Most household accidents happen in areas with: water: in the bathroom, kitchen, swimming pools, or tubs. heat or flames: in the kitchen or at a barbecue grill..Childproofing your home can reduce the risk of home accidents, which are among the top causes of childhood injuries ands in the U.S Add doorcovers to your outside doors to prevent your child from falling off a deck, balcony, or the stairs. Secure windows with barrier netting or protective window guards.. - Whether you have a newborn or curious crawling toddlers, a parent is always worrying about his or her child 's safety. Household injuries are one of the top reasons children ages 3 and younger visit the emergency room. While careful supervision is the best way to prevent childhood injuries, safety devices .According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 2.5 million children are injured or killed each year in accidents around the house. Making a house safe for babies and toddlers to explore is a big job, but you don 't have to do it all at once. Childproofing and Preventing Household Accidents..

Burns are a potential hazard in every home. In fact, burns - especially scalds from water and liquids - are some of the most common childhood accidents. Here's .Home is a place to relax, play and enjoy spending time with family. Of course, accidents happen, and there will be minor sc.s and bruises along the way, especially .Read safety and risk management expert Martin Simenc's checklist for keeping a safe home for your newborn..Firearm safety is important to all Californians. No one wants firearm accidents to happen yet they do every day. Firearm accidents involving children are.

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